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If you know, you know! A game where you can share laughs about the crazy Service Industry world that only those who have lived it understand.​

A 200 piece fill-in the blank card game that creates space for industry professionals, past and present, to cry and laugh together about the nuances of the hospitality industry.

If someone's first job was as a host to put gas in their car, if they made a career out of running the sautee station, dropped out of culinary school, worked as a bar-back to climb the ladder, represented a brand and dealt with consumers...

Bartenders, bar-backs, dish pit, line cooks, chefs, brand ambassadors, managers, hosts, servers, runners... Every blown keg, late close, table hopping Karen...whether a player still lives the lifestyle or it has become a memory, this game will resonate.

The Creator

Chandler Tomayko

Multi-cultural, long time Industry professional and collector of stories, Chandler Tomayko had an idea. While she has had many ideas over the trajectory of her career, this is the first one she has had the courage to chase solo.

On Saint Patrick's Day 2020, Chandler Tomayko lost 2 jobs in 2 states over the course of 8 hours. Navigating a new world, she found herself commiserating online with fellow industry members who were part of a larger community she had no idea existed.


They all laughed and cried and shook their shakers, raising drinks to all the things they love-hate-missed about the industry. Chandler thought to herself, "why hasn't someone made a game about this?"

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